Our Facilities

Our purpose-built, heated pool is half sunken into the ground. This combines the benefits of shallower ramp access, making entry into the pool easier, and enabling your pet to swim and be on a similar level to you outside of the pool, keeping them at the optimum height.

The pool has a swim area of 5m x 3m and is 1.2m deep and heated to a temperature of 28 – 30°C. The water is sanitised with chlorine and tested a minimum of twice daily.

We also have twin swim jets allowing us to create more resistance if necessary and allowing us to increase the intensity of the swim. This can also be used for fitness training for sports dogs.

Every dog is fitted with one of our collars and either a flotation aid or a harness prior to entering the pool. We rinse dogs in the shower prior to entering the pool and again after the hydrotherapy session. We can shampoo your dog if you would like. Just bring your shampoo with you to the appointment. All dogs are towel dried with our super absorbent towels.